Photos & Testimonials

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These are photos from our most recent Puppy 101, Level I and Pet First aid classes.
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Gut Hunds Means Good Dogs!

Gut Hunds Means Good Dogs!

Student Testimonials:

“I really enjoyed this class.  It was very helpful in enforcing the work I have done with her at home.”
- Stacey M

“Excellent experience, we are learning many things that will help us to build a healthy relationship with our dog”

- Jim R.

“It was just what we needed.”
- Stacy R.

“Very helpful to understand that perfection isn’t a guarantee!”
- Shannon H.

“Class made training fun for both puppy and owner.  Instructor very knowledgeable.”

“Thanks for your teaching.  We’ll keep practicing what you have taught us.”

“Awesome!  Loved coming every Saturday.”
- Kristin J.

“Great class.  We will come back.”
- Antoni J.

“We enjoyed everything.”
- Tate M.

“Everything was well put together and knowledgeable! It was a great class!”