Gut Hunds Means Good Dogs!

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Gut Hunds Means Good Dogs!

Doug Parson is the owner of Gut Hunds Dog Training in Harrisburg where he teaches different aspects of dog training.  He has trained in both Schutzhund, Mondio Ring Sport and protection sports. He is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the International Association of Canine Professionals, the Protection Sport Association, and The United Schutzhund Clubs of America. He is a certified pet first aid instructor for Pet Tech as well as an evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen program. He has attended seminars conducted by world famous trainers Ivan Balabanov and Mike Ellis

Doug is also active in animal rescue. He is a volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania, previously taught obedience for the Humane Society of Harrisburg where he was the Community Volunteer of the Year in 2004.

Doug also serves on the faculty of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI).  In his capacity as a faculty member, he has spoken to attorneys abut dog aggression during the Handling the Dog Bite Case Seminar.  As a faculty member for the Animal Law seminar, has lectured on temperament testing and training of rescue/shelter animals. He has authorized two articles, What you Need to know about Dogs and Aggression and Temperament Tests and Training for Shelter and Rescue Dogs.  Both of these articles have been published by the PBI and included in the texts for the above referenced seminars.

Doug has also consulted for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in numerous dog bite cases.  He has been retained by the defense as an expert witness to prepare reports and evaluations of the merits of a dog bite case for the defense.  He has been retained by plaintiff counsel to investigate the circumstances involving a dog bite and prepare questions that would be used during the case.  He has also testified in dangerous dog cases on the District Justice level. During the course of a year, Doug receives many referrals from vets, groomers and other trainers regarding aggressive dogs.

Doug also believes in giving back to the community.  He has been invited to discuss dog bite avoidance at schools in Central Pennsylvania as well as working with several scout troops on their pet care merit badges. He has volunteered his time for both the Humane Society and local rescues in assessing whether or not a dog is ready for adoption.

Gut Hunds is a family owned business, focused on promoting strong bonds between dogs and their owners.

Doug’s Vision
It’s my personal belief that dogs are more than just pets; they become our companions.  Accordingly, they should be trained in a manner that promotes respect for the dog while emphasizing the leadership role of the handler/owner.

At Gut Hunds, we believe that the handler/owner should be the leader of the handler/canine team.  It’s our goal to develop the leadership role of the handler/owner by fostering a caring, respectful relationship with the dog while consistently challenging the dog to work to the best of its abilities.  This is done by educating the handler/owner about canine behavior and communication.  We encourage the handler/owner to listen to the dog by reading and understanding the body language and vocalizations.  Communication is a two way street.

Our instructors are dedicated to providing a positive experience to all handler/canine teams.  This is accomplished by training in a positive manner while still demanding the best that our dogs can give.

Community involvement
At Gut Hunds we recognize that we have received a lot from the communities in which we train.  Accordingly, we want to give back in the form of service whenever possible.   We pledge to work with local rescues, shelters, youth and scout organizations in order to develop effective training programs that educate the public, in general, about the need to train and handle dogs in a firm but humane manner.